Confessions of a Repentant Taliban

600px-flag_of_afghanistan_2001_svg.pngHanif Hanifi has seen the face of evil awalk in the mountain passes and caves of Afghanistan, and he wore that face himself for 12 long years. Brutality takes a toll from anyone who still has a heart, a mind, a soul – and finally Hanif recognizes what a true Mufsiduun is – he has but to look in the mirror. [Ed: Mufsiduun, Evil worker, unholy one.]

Hanif fought with the Taliban for 12 years before he turned away from them. After that they came hunting him and killed his brother in his stead when they couldn’t find him.

 The Taliban have drifted so far from their original cause that they have become the evil they started out to fight. By their unholy butchering of women, children, and civilians, how can they say they are better than the godless communists they originally banded together to fight? They now have turned into drug lords, clawing to hold onto the opium lands in the south. They are all paranoid with good cause as most of the tribes have turned against them.

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