The Convergence of the Left and Bin Laden

olberman-bin-laden.jpgAwhile back I made photoshop as a joke that transposed Keith Olberman’s face with Bin Laden’s. It’s not a joke anymore; for more on the strange convergence of Al Qaeda and the far left in America see Little Green Footballs, where Fox host John Gibson juxtaposes Bin Laden’s latest threats with Olberman’s rants. It’s educational to say the least.

 A much longer rundown and a great cartoon of the new Bin Laden can be found at Spanish Pundit as well.

It’ll be Monday Soon in Pakistan

Against this backdrop security is tightening as police and troops move in to contain any possible violence, and known radical activists are being rounded up. Politics, like religion in Pakistan, is liable to get bloody and violent so one editorial in the Daily Times wonders if 9/10 will be Pakistan’s 9/11.

It’s 5:30 am CDT Sunday as I start to write this in Kansas, and on Kiritimati (Christmas Island,) they are a half-hour into Monday already. Monday, 9/10 is the day that Nawaz Sharif, the deposed and exiled ex-prime minister of Pakistan vowed to return.

Even though he signed an agreement not to practice politics in Pakistan for ten years, and even though the Saudi Government is beseeching him not to, the crowds of supporters are traveling by bus to greet him in Islamabad. Rumor has 700 chartered buses going to meet him, in a city still recovering from the aftermath of the Lal Masjid standoff. If there is a motorcade, it will likely pass within a couple of blocks of the Red Mosque, if not directly by it. Continue reading “It’ll be Monday Soon in Pakistan”