Indian Police Interrogate Hyderabad Bomber Suspect

Indian authorities are interrogating a suspected Hyderabad bomber, Rizvan Gazi of Bangladesh. Story at Gulf News:

Gazi, 22, who resembled the sketch of the suspected bomb planter at Lumbini Park, was reportedly arrested by a Hyderabad police team in Bangalore late on Wednesday and is likely to be brought here soon.

The suspect, whose sister Shareefa Rafsanjani was nabbed here on Sunday, had narrowly escaped arrest on two occasions during the last four days. The two had been staying illegally in the city for six years now.

Investigators believe Gazi’s interrogation could help in cracking the August 25 blasts, the worst-ever terror attack in Andhra Pradesh, and also the May 18 blast at the historic Makkah Masjid, which had claimed nine lives.

Gazi, who was staying in a rented house in Kishanbagh in the old city, had reportedly made phone calls to Pakistan a day before the blasts and to Bangladesh afterwards.The investigations also revealed that calls were made to Bangladesh from mobile phones after the blasts from near Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat, the scenes of the blasts.

Gazi might be the man who made phone calls after planting the bomb at the park. Police sources said if this was established, his interrogation may also help the police identify the other bomb planter.

The Lead up to 9/11/07 : Bin Laden Dead or Alive?

Bin Laden has long been silent, dead, captured, incommunicado, or uncaring — regardless of which it is he is not effectively leading, so it will be of interest if confirmed new tape instead of retread old stock does arrive. Al Sahab, Al Qaeda’s media branch, has become pretty sophisticated at video manipulation, including blue-screen like effects of substituted false backgrounds in some of their newer tapes.





.More at AP.

UPDATE: US Government agencies reportedly have a copy of the video and they are analyzing it now. 11:25 central  

The Islamist and Jihadist websites are picking up lately, and tonight I’ll be researching. I’ll post back here as I find items of interest. Current situation:

Back in early July Sudanese Islamists made plenty of threats at a gathering, as detailed today at Memri, notable were appeals to Bin Laden, and potentially hints that he might be there, or coming there.

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