The Tale of Shrimp Boy and the Hsu That Didn’t Fit

shrimp-boy.jpgPerhaps Norman Hsu, Clinton campaign “bundler”, was fleeing from a different fear than the Feds when he hopped that train East the other day.

It turns out that Norman Hsu had dealings in the past with some pretty notorious Chinatown gangters, notably Raymond Kwok Chow, AKA “Shrimp Boy”. At one point of their relationship, it appears that Shrimp Boy kidnapped Hsu for some money owed, but got interupted by the police when the abduction car turned against the light. The tale of Shrimp Boy’s past is told in this exclusive interview at ABC 7 News:

Hsu rubbed shoulders with the powerful and notorious as well.

Raymond Kwok Chow, alias “Shrimp Boy,” is one of Hsu’s known associates.

He was notorious gangster in Chinatown in the early 1990’s, at roughly the same time when state prosecutors say Norman Hsu started his ponzi scheme with his latex gloves business.

Chow says he is now clean, and spoke with us about his relationship with Norman Hsu.

Chow dressed brazenly in white at the funeral of Allen Leung, the Chinatown business leader shot to death last year.

Chow was once one of the most feared gangsters in Chinatown. “I grow up in crime. I grow up in the city and involved with the most crime,” said Chow.

In the 1980’s and early 1990’s, San Francisco’s Chinatown was the battleground of a bloody war between powerful gangs. Chow’s gang “Wo Hop To” finally won.

Judging from Hsu’s pre-emptive flight from California, perhaps all the past tense verbs are inappropriate in reference to Shrimp Boy’s affiliations with crime. Following Hillary’s campaign of corruption is also turning out to be pretty interesting, time to run out for more popcorn…

More background on Shrimp Boy here.