The Clinton Campaign of Corruption Continues

The fifth suspect Hillary supporter has stepped forward, this time it’s one of the “New Jersey 11” — Democrat public officials arrested in an FBI bribery sting. Mayor Samuel Rivera, D-Passaic, is a Hillary supporter and member of her Mayor’s Council. From The Caucus:

Federal agents posing as company executives offered a $50,000 payment to Mr. Rivera in return for the business, according to the complaint; Mr. Rivera allegedly accepted an initial installment of $5,000.
Mr. Rivera, according to a transcript of secretly recorded conversations laid out in the complaint, boasted profanely of essentially controlling the seven-member city council. He said that securing a four-vote majority would be “easy, easy, easy,” and, at another point, said the deal was as good as done.
“I make the [expletive] decision. And the council. And believe me, I’ve got the four [expletive] votes on the Council. So let’s stop [expletive], and let’s get this thing rolling,” Mr. Rivera said, according to the complaint.
Mr. Rivera is one of about 100 members of Mrs. Clinton’s Mayors Council, which, according to a campaign press release in July, “will advise the campaign on policy and outreach.”

Judging from the tone and the profanity, Mayor Samuel Rivera fits right into the Clinton Campaign of Corruption.

The saddest part of all of this? How the Democrats victimize their constituents and the very support groups they are supposed to be aiding:

The investigation started in mid-2006 after the F.B.I. received evidence of corruption in contracts issued by the Pleasantville School District, federal prosecutors said. The school district, located just east of Atlantic City, is one of the state’s poorest; in July, a state monitor was appointed to oversee its finances.

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