How to Fight “Home Grown” Terror


To the left you see the Islamic Informaion Center that German police searched in the terrorist roundup earlier this week. The sign on the door says “Islam is Peace”

Fighting Home Grown terror is a problem that Europe is struggling with and they’ve called an emergency conference on it in Germany, as reported by Der Spiegel:

German federal and state interior ministers gathered for an emergency summit in Berlin on Friday to discuss the security situation after a bomb plot was thwarted Tuesday. The arrest of three Islamists suspected of planning terror attacks in Germany has strengthened the hand of many conservative politicians who want the state to be given more powers to detect would-be terrorists.

Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaüble has been pushing for increased online surveillance, including the use of “Trojan” software sent by e-mail to secretly search terror suspects’ hard drives. Also on the agenda was the possible criminalization of visits to terrorist training camps.

This gets into the surveillance and goverment powers discussion, and how close to an authoritarian state you want to become….

I have a simpler solution: deport those who do not assimilate, send the murder mullahs preaching hate back home to stir trouble in their own countries, not yours. Export your radicals. Let Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria deal with the monsters they have created. Send foreign students packing from your universities — enforce your hate laws against those who circumvent them by religious means. Send the Death Clerics home to spew their hate, send their children with them.

Shut down the hate sites — block jihad videos, track them back and send the Islamists packing. Find their relatives, send them packing too. If a school or madrassah or mosque preaches kinetic jihad, shut them down and send the congregation home.

Here’s a real head-scratcher:

Also on the agenda was the possible criminalization of visits to terrorist training camps.

The ministers agreed that something had to be done about people who train at terror camps, but they were not ready to define exactly how to go about criminalizing these activities. The politicians were unable to overcome their differences on the controversial plans for online surveillance

Gosh, how do you criminalize attending terrorist training camps?

UDPATE: Terror Suspect attended same Mosque as Mohammed Atta.

A German Islamic convert suspected of planning terror attacks attended a mosque visited by Mohammed Atta, who was part of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Atta made a trip to the mosque in Neu-Ulm in Bavaria in 2001, not long before the became one of the pilots in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, The Times of London reported.

Fritz Gelowicz, 28, converted to Islam 10 years ago, adopting the Arab name Abdullah. He had lived in Neu-Ulm, a prosperous town across the Danube River from Ulm, since he was a small child.

Friends told The Times that Gelowicz was influenced by anti-American sentiment in high school after the U.S. military based Pershing missiles outside Neu-Ulm. He turned toward Islam after becoming friendly with Turkish immigrants.