2 thoughts on “It’s No Time to Quit”

  1. They? Grouping everyone together in some super category to encompass all Bush alleged “enemies” is why we are losing (if there is anything to win, which I don’t believe there is).

  2. If you aren’t intelligent enough to do some real reading and investigation to find out who “they” is after three thousand americans died, and six years of warfare, then you need to get a clue. Start by reading up on the Muslim Brotherhood, Said Qutb, Ayman Al Zawahiri. From there you can go to the Persian flavored terror groups. When you know enough, come back and we can talk if you can do more than regurgitate agit prop.

    What’s to win? A future for a lot of children all over the world.
    These are not Bush’s enemies — they are the enemies of everyone sane.
    Whose enemies are they really? All of Islam’s, all of the US, All of Israel, all of the Philippines, all of Malaysia’s, all of Thailand’s, all of Lebanon’s, all of Pakistan’s, all of Afghanistan’s, all of … well you get the idea, I could go on for pages, and prove each part.

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