The South’s Going to Restive Again

This morning in Thailand a “muslim-separatist” bomb killed a shop owner and injured 11 in Southern Thailand. Once again the press characterizes the South as “restive”. These attacks are coming daily now, and they target Buddhist monks as they gather morning alms — if a Buddhist monk wants breakfast, the preparation starts with gathering alms. They also target teachers, soldiers, police and government personell.

This is a steady campaign of genocide, designed to drive other religions and peoples from the area. It’s pure evil, it’s naked agression, and it’s unholy in any light. All unholy evils wear convenient masks to fool the dull-witted, and who is more dull-witted nowadays than the average press? Hence the south will be restive again.

The muslim immigrant community in Southern Thailand has subscribed to Islamism in the post-communist era. Prior to this, the Malaysian fed insurgency was backed by the dangerous ideology of Marxism, through cross-border groups like Barisa Revolusi Nasional (BRN.)

With communism on the ebb and thoroughly discredited everywhere, insurgency needs a new dangerous ideology to justify mass murder and unholy acts, so the terrorists have shed their Castro-look camo fatiques and pulled on the robe of Islamism.

The power-hungry sociopath leaders have adopted the dark side of the Sunni faith — Marx and Lenin have been replaced by Sayyid Qutb and Zawahiri Salafism. BRN has not made the transition as well as other groups so now they are fractionalized. They were the genesis, the seed of naked agression rooted in Northern Malaysia as a “secret” insurgency campaign.

The bombing was most likely carried out by Pattani United Liberation Front (PULO,) or by Gerakan Mujahideen Islam Pattani (GMIP,) two of many Islamist terror front groups in Southern Thailand.

Terror groups don’t live without support — support for terror and insurgency generally comes from three places: Foreign governments, Charity organisations, and crime. The first two are preferred methods of finance, Terror groups fall back on crime when they lack external support.

This is why the boring cases of Al Haramein v Bush, and the Holy Land Foundation are so important. Most state support for terrorism is gone as part of the Global War on Terror, but on the Charity front there are still organisations funding terrorism under the guise of good.

Earthquake relief money for Pakistan got used to purchase guns and bombs for the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and another example from our past also should remind you why it’s important to know exactly how your charity dollars are spent. For years Sinn Fein and the IRA were funded by innocuous-seeming charities in Northeast America.

War is always fought across several fronts, and killing their finances is almost as good as killing the enemy. So before you spend on charity — please take time to make sure you aren’t buying bombs to kill Buddhists in Thailand.