Al Qaeda Murders Muslims and Feeds Them to Dogs

Al Qaeda is murdering Iraqis again, in this case after the possible torture they were tossed in a pit where wild dogs feed.

zawahiri-dajjal.jpgAl Qaeda is murdering Iraqis again, in the Arab Jabour region – in this case after the possible torture they were tossed in a pit where wild dogs feed.

From Multi-National Force Iraq:

During the 24-hour operation, Coalition Forces discovered an area used by terrorists as an execution and dumping site.  The ground forces found human skulls, decomposing bodies and bones wrapped in bloody clothes.  Wild dogs were rampant around the area, which was characterized by a crater where most of the human remains were dumped.  Inside a nearby building, the ground forces found blood spatter and other signs indicating executions had taken place there.  In another building, Coalition Forces found several improvised explosive devices in the area and a weapons cache that included trigger wires.

Intelligence reports indicate that al-Qaeda in Iraq operates in the area, and weapons caches in the area contain materials used in the Baghdad car-bombing network.  Local Iraqis helped Coalition Forces find a stash of homemade explosives and a building that was suspected of being a car bomb factory.  Inside the compound, the ground forces found numerous items used to make and mix homemade explosives for use in car bombs.  An air strike destroyed the explosives cache.  Eight suspected terrorists were detained during the operation for their association with al-Qaeda in Iraq and conducting terrorist activities in the Arab Jabour region.

“Al-Qaeda in Iraq members are ruthless terrorists who brutalize, torture, and murder innocent Iraqis in their campaign of senseless terror,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson.  “We will continue to hunt down and kill or capture these brutal terrorists who seek to deny Iraqis a future of their choice.”

Al Qaeda is all about power and terror, and if they don’t like you any excuse will do to kill you, to torture you, to maim you, to desecrate you. They are unholy mufsiduun bent on destruction, and their real war is against the Ummah, not for it.

Bill Roggio Details the more of Al Qaeda’s attacks on tribal regions in Iraq, where the locals have turned against Al Qaeda at The Weekly Standard.

Update: More at ABC news

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  1. The Muslim leadership ‘scoffed and denied’ our Lord Who redeems us had returned May 23, 1844… and now look at the sorry, twisted souls, intent on following their own urges, intent on torturing, maiming and killing anyone, on a whim!

    Compare and contrast with the Army of Light, Baha’is and the Baha’i World Community!

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