Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige is the name of this blog, and what it concisely means is “The Obligations of Nobility”.  All of us have the spirit within to be noble, however few achieve that. With noble passions and deeds comes ultimate responsibility; obligation not to a few, but to all, including future generations, and even those you hate. That burden, said to lie heavy on the heads of past kings, crushes modern leaders like the millstones of the heavens.

Six years makes all weary of war; but six years are like sixty for those who lead in time of war. All good things take persistence, and patience — even in a modern world where instant gratification is the norm.

Saying what should have been done after the fact when results both good and ill are trumpeted like clarions and flung like mud both near and far is easy. Choosing the path at time of decision while wearing the shoes and the values is quite another indeed.

The higher you rise in power, the less latitude of movement you have it seems, unless like Nero you are mad and willing to watch all burn. Neither Bush, nor Musharraf, nor Blair are mad, they are shackled by what must be and by that which must never be.

In a cogent and perceptive editorial at the Pakistan Daily Times tonight you will see all that assails both Pakistan and President Musharraf, and you will see paralells with President Bush.

The same middle road born of compassion deters them both from brazen path – before you judge think  “millions of lives” and how bad things could have been.  It’s always easy to complain, it’s ever harder to really have to decide in a world where you are responsible for millions of lives. So please read the editorial, but let history and results judge the man.

3 thoughts on “Noblesse Oblige”

  1. “six years are like sixty for those who lead”

    Now I understand better what my father meant, many years ago when we were both working all hours, as he was struggling to get his newspaper off the ground…..thanks, Thanos.

  2. Bravo – what a beautifully written essay that goes right to the heart of the matter. This is a keeper, and one I hope a couple of my lib friends will read with an open mind.

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