Pak Army Attacks Camps

The Pakistan Army has attacked two camps in Waziristan, for the details stop by The Fourth Rail.  They did not use troops but attacked with artillery and helicopter bombardment.

On the political front the Bajaur Jirga broke down yesterday, and both Waziristan’s are boycotting the Pak-Afghan Jirga, along with the MMA. In other words, Musharraf has done what he could to make peace, after the Pak-Afghan jirga I suspect the Army goes fully weapons free in the Frontier. The cross-border Jirga needs to finish since there’s still some chance to gain some tribal allies from it, and if not allies then neutrality.
Meanwhile, the political arm of the jihadi outfits, the MMA, tried to re-direct flames from the Red Mosque adherents in the National Assembly today by accusing the CIA of killing the Chinese Nationals who were slain. The MMA bench applauded, but everyone else was silent. Most Pakistanis know that the Chinese were slain in sympathy and retribution for the Red Mosque.