Clinton Campaign Kills Negative GQ Article

The Clintons are masters at killing negative press, look how quickly reporting on bundler Norman Hsu was dropped, and how little follow-up has been done by the mainstream media. The trail’s still red hot, and the story is bizarrely interesting, but you aren’t going to read about it in the press.

In their latest squelching of information the Clintons killed a negative article on Hillary’s Campaign in GQ by threatening to withdraw cooperation for a separate article with Bill Clinton.  From the London Telegraph:

The powerful sway that Bill and Hillary Clinton hold over the American media has been illustrated by their successful attempt to “kill” a negative magazine story about Mrs Clinton’s presidential campaign.

According to the Politico newspaper, GQ magazine was planning to publish an article by writer Josh Green, who had previously angered the Clinton campaign by writing that the New York senator “offers no big ideas, no crusading causes” and had “plenty to talk about, but she doesn’t have much to say”.

The planned article included details of in-fighting within her tightly-controlled campaign and internal criticism of her campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle.

When Mr Green discussed the article with a senior Clinton press aide, the campaign moved swiftly.

Clinton advisers told GQ that if the Green article was published they would withdraw cooperation over a piece by George Saunders, a novelist and GQ writer, who travelled with Mr Clinton to Africa in July. Mr Saunders is seen as more favourably disposed to the Clinton camp.

Here’s an ABC story on how Hillary manipulates the media as if she were already in office. If I were a reporter on the campaign trail my lead would always be the other candidates until she starts talking.

It’s sad that editorial boards lack spines nowadays, why would you kill an article on a current Presidential Candidate for an ex-president who hasn’t been in office seven years? If they don’t gain some courage and make the story negative till she talks, then the big-time outlets have a year of getting scooped by regionals and blogs to look forward to.