Dawn to the Asteroids Tomorrow

dawn_vesta_ceres_sized.jpgThe postponed Nasa Mission to the asteroids will take off tomorrow from Cape Canaveral. The mission’s been delayed by higher priorities (the Mars Lander Mission,) and by the weather, but on the morrow the 8 year mission travels to the asteroid belt.

From Breitbart:

Scientists have been waiting for Dawn to rise since July, when the mission was put off because of the more pressing need to launch NASA’s latest Mars lander, the Phoenix. Once Phoenix rocketed away in August, that cleared the way for Dawn.

“For the people in the Bahamas, on the 27th will be one day where they can say that Dawn will rise in the west,” said a smiling Keyur Patel, project manager from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

Dawn will travel to the two biggest bodies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter—rocky Vesta and icy Ceres from the planet- forming period of the solar system.

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