Confessions of a Repentant Taliban

600px-flag_of_afghanistan_2001_svg.pngHanif Hanifi has seen the face of evil awalk in the mountain passes and caves of Afghanistan, and he wore that face himself for 12 long years. Brutality takes a toll from anyone who still has a heart, a mind, a soul – and finally Hanif recognizes what a true Mufsiduun is – he has but to look in the mirror. [Ed: Mufsiduun, Evil worker, unholy one.]

Hanif fought with the Taliban for 12 years before he turned away from them. After that they came hunting him and killed his brother in his stead when they couldn’t find him.

 The Taliban have drifted so far from their original cause that they have become the evil they started out to fight. By their unholy butchering of women, children, and civilians, how can they say they are better than the godless communists they originally banded together to fight? They now have turned into drug lords, clawing to hold onto the opium lands in the south. They are all paranoid with good cause as most of the tribes have turned against them.

So they murder each other, accusing each other of being spies, or takfeer, or unloyal. They are now split into bands of murderous thugs, with separate leaders holding different personal aims and causes. Many of them now take the drugs they guard for the warlords daily; it’s normal for the Afghan army to find Taliban Opium at the arms caches and redoubts after battles which the Taliban regularly lose.

Below you see the tale of Hanif Hanifi, repenitant Taliban, from The Daily Record:

FORMER Taliban fighter Muhammad Hanif Hanifi told yesterday how the movement’s brutality forced him to flee.
Hanifi claims he only realised the extent of the Taliban’s cruelty when he witnessed atrocities first-hand, including the beheading of a teenage boy.
The 33-year-old, who is seeking asylum in Scotland despite taking up arms against Scots troops in Afghanistan last year, described how he was “brainwashed” into fighting for the Taliban.
Speaking through an interpreter, Hanifi, who speaks only Pashtu, said he first enlisted with the religious hardliners – who ruled Afghanistan until the 2001 allied invasion – when he was 21.
He says it was mainly for religious reasons but eight years later, he took up jihad (holy war).
And when he quit the fighting, the Taliban tried to hunt him down and ended up killing his brother instead.
Hanifi said: “A year before I left Afghanistan, I saw a boy being beheaded and seven other Afghan spies were later beheaded on orders of the Taliban leader.
“I watched as this young boy was murdered and my feeling at the time was that this was wrong, that this was not what jihad was meant to represent.
“This was when I realised that the Taliban said one thing but did another.
“I did not feel I could act with these people any more.
“After the first killing, I could not watch any more and I left the camp but I heard later that the others had faced the same fate.
“The boy was accused of trying to plant a bomb to kill Moulavi Dadullah, a Taliban leader. The other men who died were accused of the same kind of collusion with British and American forces.”
Hanifi said the decision to execute the men came after they were tortured and forced to confess.
The group of fighters to which Hanifi belonged would stay together for up to two weeks at a time, living in caves and carrying out operations against British and US forces.
The fighters were based in the mountains about an hour from his home village of Chakari, in Kabul province.
After the killings, Hanifi said he made a decision never to take up arms for the Taliban again.

The Taliban have kept all pashtuns in hell on earth the past eight years without real cause, their cause was martyred the day they started fighting each other; murdered the day they started murdering civilians, and corrupted beyond compare the day they started crying “Takfir!” or “Spy!” before mutilating fellow muslims. They are now the unholy ones – they are evil come to earth.