MSM Finally Covering Pakistan

For quite a long time I’ve been covering events in Pakistan with only an occasional story or two in the US mainstream press. It’s heartening to see that our papers are beginning to realize the strategic and ongoing socio-political import of our relationship with Pakistan, and it’s great to see our MSM finally covering events of import there. As Pakistan goes, so will the Islamic world. They are not the leaders, but the bellweather. If they are able to transition from Military rule back to Democracy and true parliamentarian government it will be a great sign. So today, Hat’s off to the LA Times:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — In a controversial step, election officials Monday announced a rule change under which President Pervez Musharraf would be allowed to stand for reelection while still serving as head of Pakistan’s military.

At the same time, though, the Supreme Court began hearing legal challenges to Musharraf’s plan to remain army chief as he seeks reelection by lawmakers as head of state early next month.

Further complicating matters, a senior advisor to the beleaguered Pakistani leader floated what appeared to be a compromise offer to political foes, saying it was expected that Musharraf would relinquish his military post after being reelected president but before being inaugurated.

Inshallah [God willing], Gen. Musharraf would take his oath of office as a civilian president,” his party’s secretary-general, Mushahid Hussain Sayed, told reporters.