Hsugate and The New “Hsu” School

was ranked second to Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, N.C., for having “students most nostalgic for Bill Clinton.” The school ranked sixth in the category of students who “Ignore God on a regular basis.” It ranked first for “Best College Town.”

The latest in the saga of Norman Hsu, Democrat rain-maker and “Hillraiser” bundler for Hillary Clinton involves Bob Kerrey’s New School. Hsu’s bail has been set at 5 million dollars, but from past events he just might have that stashed in an account here or there, and everyone is beginning to look at Norman’s backtrail. I would wager some are waiting for the next Hsu to fall… (ok sorry, I could not resist.)

Hsu was on the board of trustees of The New School, where he worked with past Clinton scandal figure Bernard L. Schwartz.  From Free Republic:

For more than a year, Hsu was a member of the board for the New School University in New York, where he worked with Bernard L. Schwartz. The latter, a major Clinton donor, was chief executive officer of a major defense contractor involved in technology transfers to the People’s Republic of China, according to a congressional report released in 1999.

Hsu was named to the New School’s board of governors in May 2006, New School spokesman Brian Krapf told Cybercast News Service. He was named to the board of trustees in July 2007.

Schwartz has served on the board of trustees since October 2004, according to a press release from the New School.

Schwartz, former chief of Loral Space and Communications, was very close to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, spent his 71st birthday with them in the White House in 1997, and is credited with giving $1.5 million to Democrats during the Clinton years, according to news reports. He reportedly has given $256,000 to the Democratic Party since 2004.

The Gothamist wonders about the impact to The New School and lists some of the board member associates of Norman Hsu:

– Leo Hindery: “leading fund-raiser for John Edwards who has given nearly $270,000 to Democratic candidates and committees since the 2004 election cycle”
– Cheryl Cohen Effron: “along with her husband, Blair, an investment banker, has donated about $330,000 to the Democratic Party” since the 2004 election cycle
– Howard Gittis: “vice chairman of McAndrews & Forbes” and “‘bundler’ for the Republican presidential candidate John McCain” who has “donated more than $240,000 to both Democratic and Republican candidates and committees”
– George Haywood: “private investor” and “part of Senator Barack Obama’s inner fund-raising circle” who “helped Mr. Obama manage the money he earned in 2005 from a book deal…donated $130,700 to Democrats since 2004”
– Bernard L. Schwartz: “former chief executive of Loral Corporation, a leading military contractor” who “was particularly close to the Clintons, who invited him to the White House for Mr. Schwartz’s 71st birthday in 1997. Since the 2004 election cycle, Mr. Schwartz has donated $254,600 of his own money” and “is credited with giving $1.5 million to Democrats during the Clinton White House years”

The Influence Peddler wonders if Bob Kerrey will return the money contributed by Hsu here. The New School is somewhat of an enigma — it has a campus two miles from Ground Zero, but also foreign branches.

If you look at the curricula you can see that it’s geared toward a “Liberal” Liberal Arts Degree program, as opposed to a Classic Liberal Arts degree. It appears heavy on media content, and classes designed for activism and activists. The sort of school an insourced foreign contractor or student could coast to a degree at. 

Even their science programs are politicized, the next eco-crisis theory might either originate or be taught here now that global warming is debunked :

  • Two Mathematics
    Mathematical Models in Nature
    One Laboratory Course
    Biodiversity Achieved
  • Three Foundation Courses (crossing at least two science disciplines)
    Required: Genes, Environment, and Behavior
    One of the following:
    Science and Politics of Infectious Diseases
    Biology of Beauty Sex and death
    One of the following
    Chemistry of the Environment
    Chemistry of Life
  • Two Intermediate Courses
    Required: The Human Genome Project
    One from the list below:
    Science and Politics of Cancer
    What is Science?

Coincidentally The New School was also venue for the highly-politicized 9/11 hearings and contributions to the school have tripled since 2001 to 45 million from 15 million. More from the New York Sun:

Founded in 1919 by a group of scholars, including John Dewey and Charles Beard, the New School for decades operated outside of the traditional higher education system. It did not grant degrees and had no course requirements, but was considered a laboratory that bred social consciousness and independent thinking among its left-leaning students…

…In the 2008 edition of the Princeton Review’s “Best 366 Colleges,” Eugene Lang [ed: the liberal arts college of The New School] was ranked second to Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, N.C., for having “students most nostalgic for Bill Clinton.” The school ranked sixth in the category of students who “Ignore God on a regular basis.” It ranked first for “Best College Town.”

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