Missing Forty Million

While Hillary’s campaign has vowed to return 850 thousand dollars given to her campaign by Norman Hsu, campaign bundler under federal investigation, Fox reports on the missing forty million dollars lent to Hsu by one of the organizers of Woodstock.

The mystery of where a dirty Democratic fundraiser got the money to lead a lavish lifestyle, fund political campaigns and post a $2 million bond to get out of jail appears to have a Woodstock connection, according to a report published in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal.
The newspaper reports that a company run by Norman Hsu, who donated nearly $2 million to Democratic candidates since 2004 — including presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton — recently received $40 million from a Madison Avenue investment fund run by Joel Rosenman, one of the creators of the fabled Woodstock rock festival in 1969.

Previous Shady donors to the Clinton Campaign of Corruption.

Even though this was the fifth in a series of strangely criminal supporters, and one just suspicious supporter, Hillary’s campaign is saying “These are not the campaign donors you are looking for… move along now…” It was just a flawed background check

What’s bad is that “Clinton Mind Control tricks” tend to work on the press, I can’t find a story anywhere that covers the clear pattern of accepting money from shady donors, even though one is clearly there. This is either real journalistic malfeasance, or… those Clinton mind tricks work real well. Each donor below is covered as a separate unrelated event, and except for Hsu, they all quickly dissappeared from reportage:

Hsu Surrenders — Board of Trustees for New School, New York –  Is it nobly trying to educate, or is it a diploma mill for rich immigrant donors?

Sant Chatwal Indian Immigrant Bundler

“Ray” Jinnah Rehman — previously of Pal-C

Vinod Gupta — of InfoUSA

Mayor Samuel Rivera