In the Wake of Independence Day

pakistan-flag.jpgYesterday Pakistan and their first newspaper, Dawn, both celebrated their sixtieth year. Birthed by partition on India’s independence from Britain, the nation was ushered into being by the unflagging work of Mr. Jinnah, or Qaid-e-Azam. So I will say “Pakistan Zindabad! and Dawn Zindabad! as well, sorry it’s a day late due to several problems at work. For more on Independence day, visit Metroblogging Islamabad.

During the celebrations, authorities captured  an unidentified squad of suicide bombers who were bent on a coordinated disruption of the celebrations.

In the wake of Independence Day the Islamist extremists continue their campaign to destroy infrastructure in Pakistan, and interupt critical services to the people. So far the government has responded very well to these attacks, restoring power in many cases as quickly as it would be in the U.S.

One of the soldiers kidnapped in the Northwest Frontier Province was beheaded on Independence day, and it’s believed the other fifteen are still held by Qazi Hussein of the Mehsud tribe. They are asking for exchange for ten prisoners held by the government and it remains to be seen what the Army’s reaction will be.

In Quetta “rioters” are blocking roads, and throwing bombs, the “rioters” are undoubtably allied with Al Qaeda or Taliban forces, Quetta is one of their strongest areas. Police have arrested 60 in the past few days there.

Summary for the rest: four tribal elders who attended the grand jirga in Afghanistan have been threatened for attending by the Taliban. Attacks on frontier posts near Miranshah continue, but these appear to be ineffective as there are rarely casualties or real damage from the attacks. There was also a brief gun battle between Mehsuds Taliban in SWFP, and some Al Qaeda from NWFP.

Along the border the tribals and the Taliban both are worried as ISAF and US forces pound Tora Bora and the region in a large scale campaign. Bill Roggio has details here.