Al Qaida Training Tape From Gaza

This video, purportedly filmed in Gaza shows “Jais-al-Ummah” Al Qaeda-Aligned  fighters training – yes there are the usual flaming hoop jumps.

Noteworthy are the Black AQ flag, the black outfits. On the other hand isn’t it HAMAs who does the flaming hoop jumps, or is that the “Moderate” Fatah?

Now you get a content-rejected message, so I salute Daily Motion for removing Jihadist videos. YouTube could learn something here.

2 thoughts on “Al Qaida Training Tape From Gaza”

  1. Okay, now I’m confused. Was this, ” Jais-al-Ummah ” in Gaza before Hamas ousted Fatah? And help me out here Thanos, the Wahhabi influence of Al Qaeda sits well with the Shia oriented Hamas??? How in the world are these two groups living side by side in a place the size of Gaza?


  2. AQ is in dire straits – they are taking anyone they can get, anywhere they can get them. This might however be subterfuge, HAMAs dressing as AQ to swing loyalties.

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