Zawahiri Akbar! Or Pakistan Zindabad?

zawahiri-dajjal.jpgThe new code for determining which Terror groups are which in Pakistan is by language. In this article the terrorists holding the historic Haji Sahib Turangzai shrine, are designated “Urdu Speaking” which means they are the splinter called the “Pakistani Taliban” – a conglomerate of small groups originally hosted and funded by ISI in the Kashmir, but now allied and taking direction from Ayman Al Zawahiri, the Egyptian Dr.

If they were true to the shrine and the history of Pakistan, and if they were loyal patriots they would not have renamed it “Lal Masjid” in a bid to recreate the siege and storming in Islamabad. Their goals are transparent, as is their leadership.

Even though they are not “Uzbek-Speaking” or “Arabic-Speaking” Taliban, they take direction from foreigners and pretend to be just opposed to the Government of Pakistan. That is so much bullshit; as the letters to Abdul Aziz Ghazi from Ayman Al Zawahiri found at Lal Masjid demonstrate, this is directed by Al Qaeda. They are for “Zawahiri Akbar” and not “Pakistan Zindabad!”

The groups affiliated with the foreigners are TNSM, Jaimsh-e-Muhammed, and their sub-groupings from the camps closed last October in Kashmir. They rename themselves often in a ploy to mis-direct, but everyone knows who they really are — they can no longer hide.

They are behind the Red Mosque, the suicide bombings in Pakistan, the burnt out markets in Tank, Islamabad, and Bannu. They are behind the assassination attempts the last two years on many government officials. They are behind Radio Maulana, and the sectarian violence with the Shia the past few years. They are the ones who burnt the theaters in Islamabad, and they are the ones seeking to re-establish Al Qaeda’s base at the cost of Pakistan’s future.

So people of Pakistan: how many more of your sons and daughters will die before you wake up and crush these poisonous insects who have invaded your home as “guests?” If your son brings a scorpion home would you feed it and allow it to roam your house freely?

UPDATE: Suicide Bomber tries to ram busload of passengers at Parachinar, 23 dead.