Poor Gunter, now a victim

As I knew would happen yesterday when I wrote this, the left in Germany has circled — and decided to rehabilitate poor Gunter Grass, a victim seduced by Hitler in his youth. No matter that he still expouses the dangerous political philosophy that caused the holocaust, because after all they do as well. It’s the new, kinder, gentler Socialism, as we see in the US at ANSWER anti-war rallies.

If the left in Germany condemns their leading moral and political icon, what does that say about their morals, their politics? As can be seen at Reuters, they are certainly circling the wagons and trying to save him. Note this, all bolding mine:

“Even after his admission, Grass remains Germany’s most important living author. But he has lost his standing as a moral authority. He cannot be castigated for being a member of the SS … But he can be for lying about it for 60 years.”

Hellmuth Karasek, a leading literature critic, agreed there was no reason to reproach Grass for his membership of the Nazi’s elite SS.

“The fact he was in the SS at 17 is by itself a misdemeanor — had Grass not been one to throw his weight around as a moral authority so much since then,” Karasek told German radio.

 So you see it’s not a problem that he subscribes to a dangerous political ideology that murdered millions and that was solely responsible for the largest war of last century, his only problem is that he lied. Killing Jews by the millions is ok, just don’t lie about it leftists…. is that what we are really hearing? You lose moral authority for lying, but wait, isn’t it ok to lie according to Marx, Engles, Lenin, Stalin, and all of the rest?

To be fair to the Germans, there are some who are sane, but perhaps naive:

“After 60 years, this confession comes a bit too late,” Joachim Fest, a leading historian, told Der Spiegel magazine. “I can’t understand how someone who for decades set himself up as a moral authority, a rather smug one, could pull this off.”

And then we have the certifiable loons:

Ralph Giordano, a leading German-Jewish writer, said he would not condemn Grass and praised his belated confession.

“It’s good what Günter Grass has now done,” Giordano said. “What’s worse than making a mistake is not coming to terms with it. His example also shows how seducible young people can be.”

Soon you will see paralells drawn between poor Gunter as a hitler youth, and the disaffected north african immigrant youths Islamofascist gangs who torched thousands of cars in France earlier this year. Then comparisons to the poor Palestinian youths who have no future and who must be understood. Ted Bundy, Hitler, Stalin, Jeffrey Dahmer, Sadaam Hussein, Pol Pot, Gunter Grass, all just poor misundertood youths, just like these. If we just took the time to understand them, the world would be such a wonderful place.

Please take a moment to think of what they would be saying instead if President Bush had been discovered to have a neo-nazi connection. Remember how rabid they were with Joseph Ratzinger’s aka The Pope’s affiliation with the Nazis? Contrast that with what you see above.

In the end, freedom always wins over repressive systems like socialism, tyrannies, communism and all the other bad isms. If Left free, all people end up practicing the one ism that is supreme, and a primal force of human nature: Capitalism.

If you have freedom, you have capitalism, if you have some capitalism, you have some freedom. So be very wary of the socialists when they come for your SUV. After all, if we don’t keep consuming then we won’t be able to buy any more third world countries out of abject poverty and destitution like we did with India and China last century.

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  1. Oh yes germans will always be thankful they have been freed from racism by a country that had itself racial segration and didnt even allow black people to use the same toilets as whites. AFAIK not even the nazis went that far.

    In fact Grass has never claimed a moral authority but it seems some people like to see the whole world as facists, thus having a reason to start wars all over world to kill others bring freedom to other people. There have been a lot of “real” nazis in german politics and no one even lost a word. Merkel even was a propaganda secretary in the communist youth.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Njus, and I am also happy that Germany is free of the dark night, and happy that capitalism was able to rebuild your country entire through the Marshall plan.

    I do think it’s a stretch however to equate segration with putting people in ovens and baking them. Socialists tend to slur things into moral equivalents, but there are dinstinct lines between life and death.

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