Support Israel: Ten Ways to Help

It is time to assist Israel, our strongest ally in the Mid-East, and below are some links to charities that are helping now, click on the pictures to get to the donation sites:

Before this war started Israel has been subject to terrorist attacks for a long time:

  • Over 1,182 Israelis have died due to terror attacks
  • There are 836 children orphaned due to terror attacks
  • There have been 7,735 wounded, some crippled for life
  • There have been 123 Israeli children slaughtered by terrorists

haifa air raids.jpgSince the start of the war over 2500 rockets and missiles have fallen on Israel, causing many├é┬ácasualties, including a father and his fourteen year old daughter tonight. Houses are scarred, damaged, and in some cases completely destroyed. Half a milliion Israelis are are refugees from the north. The economy in the north is halted, and there will be a great need for rebuilding even if this ends tomorrow. Continue reading “Support Israel: Ten Ways to Help”