Breaking: London Police Find Suitcase of Explosives

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 A SUITCASE filled with bomb-making material has been found by police teams investigating the alleged plot to blow up aircraft over the Atlantic.

The suitcase, containing chemicals and other equipment for a home-made bomb, was found in woods in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, close to addresses at which suspects were arrested last week.

A police source said that the suitcase contained everything that would be needed to make an explosive device. This could include materials for creating an explosive, methods of concealment and a simple way of detonating the bomb. After police made arrests last week, Whitehall sources said it was feared that the explosives were to have been hidden in plastic drinks bottles and ignited using the current from an MP3 player. Details of the find have been kept secret by Scotland Yard and the suitcase is now being examined by forensic scientists and explosives experts.

Moonbat in Need of Poddy Training

The terrorist-apologist peace activist who caused an airline flight to side-track the other day turns out to be a certified moonbat. It turns out that she’s a “peace activist” who spent time in Pakistan. Go figure. Maybe we can talk Mama Moonbat into emmigrating to Pakistan and studying in a medrassah?

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New Mass Grave at Srebrenica, 1000 bodies

Bodies of 1000 Muslims believed to have been slaughtered in the Srebrenica massacre have been uncovered near Kamenica in eastern Bosnia:

Sarejevo, 17 August (AKI) – Forensic experts have excavated over 1,000 bodies from a mass grave in the village of Kamenica in eastern Bosnia, believed to be some of the 8,000 local Muslim civilians murdered by Serbian forces near the town of Srebrenica in 1995, regional chief of Bosnia’s commission for missing persons, Murat Hurtic, said on Thursday. “Kamenica is the biggest single mass grave discovered so far,” he stated.

The victims had clearly been brought from another location and reburied in Kamenica, and in an attempt to hide the crime, said Hurtic. A total 1,153 bodies have been excavated since digging began at the start of June, Hurtic said.

Documents found at the site suggested that the victims were a part of some 8,000 Muslim men and boys killed in July 1995 by the Bosnian Serb forces when they overran the nearby town of Srebrenica at the end of Bosnia’s 1992-1995 civil war.

A total of 3,500 Srebrenica victims have been excavated so far and 2,500 were identified.

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Still moving up, although it’s been a slow week for me, 12 hour days have a way of doing that. 

I also graduated from a Crunchy Crustacean to a Lowly Insect at Truth Laid Bear.

Heathrow Bombing Plotter Captured

Two of the suspected ring leaders of the al-Qaeda London Airline Plot to destroy aircraft en route to the United States have been captured by Pakistani intelligence Counter Terrorism Blog has the details here.

Iran Preps Major Military Maneuvers, continues War Games

The Jerusalem Post reports on Iran’s newly announced manuevers, which extend the current war-games to start in the Southeast, close to the Iraq and possibly Pakistani Border. The new maneuvers supposedly involve forces all across the nation, but the start near the southeast is interesting. Named “The Blow of Zolfaghar,” the exercise could be a referent to several things.

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Explosives Detected at Huntington WV Airport

A Pakistani woman’s hair gel, and another container of liquid both tested positive by machine and dog tests at Ceredo’s Tri-State airport Thursday afternoon. The woman had moved there from Michigan, where others have recently been arrested for buying mass quantities of tracphones. These could still be false positives I suppose, but it’s more likely a dry run test with trace amounts, or very real attempt.

I would be interested to know if she’s related to the tracphone terrorists, or if there’s a connection.  From My Way:

CEREDO, W.Va. (AP) – A West Virginia airport terminal was evacuated Thursday after two bottles of liquid found in a woman’s carry-on luggage twice tested positive for explosives residue, a Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman said.

“It looks like there were four items containing liquids,” said TSA spokeswomantristate evacuated.jpg Amy von Walter. “Two of those containers tested positive.”

A machine that security checkpoint screeners use to test for explosives registered positive, and a canine team also got a positive hit, von Walter said.

Larry Salyers, manager of Tri-State Airport, said the bottles would be moved by robot to a remote area of the airport where officials would attempt to detonate them. National Guard and State Police explosives experts will conduct chemical field tests to determine their contents, he said.

Salyers said he was told the woman was a 28-year-old of Pakistani descent who had moved to Huntington from Jackson, Mich. He did not know how long she had lived in Huntington.

The woman was still at the airport late Thursday afternoon but was not under arrest, said FBI spokesman Jeff Killeen.

Commercial airline service was suspended, and about 100 passengers and airport employees were ordered to leave the terminal, said Tri-State Airport Authority President Jim Booton.