Nepal is Still Teetering on the Brink

It is not easy to draft even an interim constitution, as the experience that Iraq just went through to get to a real government shows, however in Nepal the committees are taking much too long. Every delay creates time and over time the Maoist thugs will win. Remember the promise that Prachandra made of an “October Revolution”. The communists/ Maoists of Prachandra are killing still, and anyone who steps forward to lead is being murdered.

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Blow of Zolfaghar aka Zarbat Zolfegar

The Iranian “war-games” appear to be a crackdown on ethnic Kurds disguised as a military excercise

The spin from IRIB, Iranian Republic Radio: 

I.R. of Iran’s Army launched massive wargames Saturday over a large swathe of the country. Code-named Zarbat Zolfeqar (Stroke of Zolfeqar, the name of Imam Ali’s sword), the wargames began with fighter planes carrying out air sweep operation with troops commissioned to disrupt the movement of the hypotheical enemy.

Also the Airforce delivered heliborne operations to parachutists of the Army’s ground force by Chinook and 214 choppers and quick reaction units and elite forces simulated modern battle conditions.

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