Iranian Mullahs Try to Stop Information

Silly Mullahs, information can’t be stopped as long as people can speak and read. Oh, that’s right, most of your people don’t read, and that’s the way you like it, I wonder why?

See Gateway Pundit for an update on satellite dish destruction, blog and internet filtering. They are likely trying to stop information like this from getting in.

The Seduction of Gunter

A week has passed or more since Gunter Grasses’ original admission, and you can see the rehabilitation efforts continue. However once you’ve been a nazi, you’re a nazi forever. Just like once you’ve been a terrorist, you are a terrorist forever. Here you see more on how poor Gunter was victimized and seduced by Nazi propaganda, as per the UK times online article:

In the memoirs, Grass writes of the pull of Nazi propaganda, telling how when he was assigned to the 10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg he found “nothing offensive” about the prospect. He says he viewed, Joerg von Frundsberg, who the division was named after, as someone who had fought for “freedom and liberation,” in the 16th century.

“So, enough excuses,” he writes in the book which will be on shelves September 1. “And yet I refused for years to admit to myself the word and the double letters.

“That which I accepted with the dumb pride of my young years, I kept silent about after the war out of growing shame.”

Of course this is just opportuni$tic true confe$$ional time, maybe he needed more money or notice in his retirement, who knows.

Past articles on this subject.

Taliban Targeting Schools in Afghanistan

Perhaps it’s time for the Afghans to wake up and start burning medrassahs in Pakistan, and putting the teachers of hate and death to their destruction. The last few months the terrorists have figured out that they can’t win against Afghani army, police, and Nato forces, and have shifted to schools, with a preference for burning down girl’s schools and killing teachers. This is the same tactic you see in Kashmir, and in remote areas of India, to the taliban a teacher is evil. To the taliban, knowledge is their death.

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A Terrorist is a Terrorist

All terrorists must die, and their causes will always be seen as unjust by most as long as terror is the method. The islamofascist enablers don’t see that, but it’s an essential truth. It doesn’t matter whether you are PKK or Hezbollah, if you think killing innocents is a way to further your cause you need to understand every death sets your cause back years. 

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