Green Helmet Rides Again

The propaganda meister from Hezbollah shows his directorial talent on you tube. We can joke about green helmet all we want, the terrible part is that even though most westerners recognize this as base propaganda, in tyrannical countries where the news is filtered, this is the truth. Note that green helmet’s dead body puppets from three or more weeks ago are running beside a current article on the strike at Houla from a few days ago in Iranian Media.

This clearly demonstrates the need for Radio Free Iran.

Terrorists Thwarted and Captured

Others have written extensively about this most of the day & I’ve just gotten off a rough day at work. For me to attempt to add to the blogmind’s effort at this point would be silly redundancy.

Instead I post this to mark the date and the clear victory of Britain’s proactive intelligence efforts. Thank you Tony Blair, Thank you President Bush. One last comment, this situation hasn’t much improved with the exception of congress approving funding for the wall.

The best round up I have seen is in two articles at the Counter Terrorism blog, so I will point you at them.