Environmentalists Lied – People Died!

To help you achieve that please go to your kitchen cabinet now, get out he Reynold’s wrap and construct a tin-foil hat. This is a necessary implement to block out intrusive things such as critical thinking, reality, and reason; alternately if you are lazy and don’t want to construct a hat you can just take a lot of drugs instead like many in the left do when faced with reality.

 Environmental Imperialism

The environmentalists and anti-war activists in this country tend to be one and the same, and their mantra of the past few years has been “Bush Lied — People Died.”

Forget for a moment your normal reaction to their theory that Sadaam had zero weapons of mass destruction – yes, centrifuges for enrichment were found, over 500 sarin and mustard gas shells have been found, terrorist training camps were found, labs were found, more sarin was found, well, you get the idea. Just forget all that for a moment, and like the left pretend that it’s not real.

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That San Francisco Thing

If you want a rundown on that San Francisco thing, the best facts are here, and pics are at Gateway Pundit.

I am going to refrain from commenting on motive simply because I got burned jumping to conclusions here. This one seems exceedingly clear to me however, follow the links and judge for yourselves.

That’s one of things I love about blogging and bloggers — it’s your face and your reputation out there, if you make an error you better correct it, and make the correction obvious. No page 20 retractions allowed for bloggers.