Potential Bin Laden Sighting: Upgraded again

Update: We have this report, that I had forgotten about from the hectic pace at work (you really would not want to be me right now.) So I am upgrading this again. From ADN Kronos in July, which matches aproximate timeframe of the Hindustani times article:

Islamabad, 21 July (AKI) – The Pakistani authorities on Thursday ordered the evacuation of a northern area of the country, near the border with China, of tourists and foreigners after receiving intelligence reports of the possible presence of Osama bin Laden in the area. According to Arab daily al-Hayat, the presence of the al-Qaeda leader was reported in the extreme north of Pakistan in an area that borders China and Afghanistan. For this reason hundreds of tourists – most of them European – were made to leave the Chalinji Pass and the Wakhan corridor and the security forces closed all access to the area.

The intelligence reports that had reached Islamabad indicated that bin Laden and his deputy Egyptian doctor Ayman al-Zawahiri – along with other leading figures of the al-Qaeda terror network – had decided to use the area bordering China as a secure refuge as it is not controlled by the US military.

Al-Hayat says the reports were confirmed by Western embassy sources in Islamabad, who indicated that the choice of sticking near the China border was because US military bombers would not attack that area for fear of hitting China.

UPDATE:   The page has been taken down at Hindustan times, the link to this page is still up at Counter Terrorism Blog as well. I am going to have to consider this a false report from Hindustan Times, with a strange method of retraction. I’m going to have to start getting semi-professional and take screenies of my page links from now on.

Potentially a Bin-Laden sighting from India, this could be more credible than some past false sightings just due to the pressure being exerted both sides of the Kashmir and in Afghanistan on Terror groups right now. There are also a couple of Special Task forces in the area from the US, and they have disappeared from the map and the news. Let’s hope they are up to something real good.

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India Rediscovers Patriotism

However, in India it’s the motherland, so it’s really Matriotism. To celebrate centenary adoption of the National Song, the government has declared that children in schools will sing the first two stanzas of Vande Mataram, the song that was on everyone’s lips as they won their independence from Britain. It’s not the official National Anthem however, since the Islamists in the country object to it and have issued Fatwas against its singing.

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Bill Gates Foundation Buys Fairbanks Daily News Miner

Well, sorta. Sorry I couldn’t resist the headline since the Fairbanks Daily News Miner was my home town paper growing up. We sometimes called it the Daily News Minus, but let’s face it there’s not much to report in a small town that far North.

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Snipers Attack Shia Pilgrimage in Baghdad, Weapons Cache discovered

During the pilgrimage snipers attempted to disrupt by sniping from rooftops but were quickly subdued by Iraqi and US forces. 20 were killed, and 300 were injured but that’s better than last year when mere rumor of a bomb caused a stampede that killed almost 1,000 pilgrims.

US Forces also captured a large weapons cache of mortars, rifles, and rpg’s found in a warehouse. Video from Reuters.