The Religion of Peace

Please stop by the religion of peace website, there you will find that Islamic Terrorists are equal opportunity killers in their drive to extend the Islamic State. If you poke around the site you will find how appallingly world-wide terror is from 2000 to the present.

Sometimes it’s easy to view this as a vast Machievellian plot with a single leader, but the sinister reality is that there are varied evil factions within the Islamic world, all vying for leadership and using their people as sick suicide meat-puppets in the process.

Some of the evil, mistaken leaders think they know Allah’s will and mind, as Oral Roberts thinks he talks to G-d in America, but in reality if Allah does exist no human could be capable of knowing his mind or will, and Oral Roberts doesn’t talk to G-d daily either. Opportunistic use of religion as a foil for a single person’s will is a scourge upon the face of the planet, and persons doing that are dirt beneath humanities feet; they are evil, and opposed to freedom and free will. 

If free will exists, and Allah exists, then wouldn’t it follow that free will is Allah’s will? However to the Islamic terror masters, “free will and Allah’s will” are what they define, and that would make those leaders what? Driven by Djinn? Driven by Greed? Driven by evil?

Any religion reliant on coercion and terror is weak and hollow at it’s core, so whether it’s the Spanish inquistion, David Jones of the people’s temple, David Koresh, or modern terrorist sub cults of Islam, they destroy what they dream of by their methods.

An example of this is the current crisis in the Lebanese cabinet — they have broken on whether Hezbollah should be disarmed or not. As I’ve stated previously : the only way this ceasefire has a chance in hell of working is if Hezbollah is disarmed as the UN and Lebanese forces move south — if they fail to do that, they fail period. The Cedar revolution dies the year it was born, and Lebanon once again becomes the puppet of Syria and Iran.

For a great run-down of this dissension in Lebanon please stop by Captain’s Quarters, Ed almost always get things right.

UPDATE: Visit Pajamas Media for a run down on how Hezbollah stopped the peace process.