Iranian IED Factories

British Government scientists have already established that the mines are precision-made weapons thought to have been turned on a lathe by craftsmen trained in the manufacture of munitions

The London Telegraph details the Iranian manufactured IED’s being used to kill civilians wirq20b.jpgby the thousands, and occasionally British and American troops, including one of ours today. There’s no Adnan Hajj snapping the photos in the marketplaces of Iraq, no Green Helmet Guy holding up the dead Iraqi children that Iran is creating, so folks aren’t paying much attention.

I blogged this back in July, here, but then not many folks stop by here. Now that the Iranians are mass manufacturering them, and now that they are precision honed as well as factory assembled, we have to come up with a new name, for these are not “improvised”.

Excerpt from the London Telegraph story:

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The Police Blotter of Terror

As well as the bomb making equipment, we have found more than 400 computers, 200 mobile telephones and 8,000 items of removable storage media such as memory sticks, CDs and DVDs. So far, from the computers alone, we have removed some 6,000 gigabytes of data

The British have now released as full details as we will see for a while for the Heathrow Airline terrorist arrests. It looks like a very comprehensive set of evidence, as well as a goldmine of data for investigations into other terrorist groups. Below is verbatim and complete from the MPS site, bolding is mine:

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