Old Nazi’s never die, they just fade away

Gunter Grass, Peace Activist, Socialist, Writer has finally fessed up that he was part of the Waffen-SS of Hitler. He was also a member of the Hitler Youth, against unification of Germany, and clearly set against the War on Terror, which aligns him with the dangerous ideology of this century: Islamofascism. (note to readers: now that the President has used the word and not apologized, it’s ok for all Americans to use it as well no matter how much the press, the multiculturists, and CAIR, whine.)

Gunter is a highly vocal opponent of Capitalism, and still proposes socialism, even though he saw the ultimate evil ends of socialism. Last century saw 35 million die in war, and most of those wars were started by communist and socialist governments. Last Century saw 176 million people brutally slain by their own governments, none of those governments were capitalist, they were all monarchies, communist, or socialist dictatorships. No matter how often the jaded, bitter & fading socialists try to repaint, deconstruct, and obscure the record of Marxism last century it will go down in history as the greatest evil of that century, and perhaps of all time.

Here you can see he is still flogging the socialist party line, for never forget that the Nazi’s were “national socialists”:

“I had the irreparable loss of my birthplace. If by telling tales I could not recapture a city both lost and destroyed, I could at least re-conjure it.” Although references to Danzig and war were inspiring, Grass’ comments on Capitalist dogma and the hope that writers (or story tellers) were the only powers to check this force, were perhaps the most stunning. He spoke of the need for subversive, yet imaginative and thorough writing, for without it, the ‘crush’ of the worlds starving poor was inevitable.

He is also a vocal opponent of President Bush, as can be seen in this article:

Grass, at 78 still spry and energetic, quickly gets into his topic, “The hubris of the world’s only superpower,” and proceeds to offer a sweeping critique.

His words find resonance among the writers gathered here, including another Nobel laureate, South African novelist Nadine Gordimer.

“Armed force is used by this superpower to defeat the terrorism it is itself responsible for,” Grass says, citing Osama bin Laden, the by-product of American support for Afghan jihadists in the 1980s. “The war (on Iraq), deliberately started in blatant disdain of the laws of civilized societies, produces still more terror.

Gunter is emblematic of the type of socialist intellectual most dangerous to peace — they are able to dish out the big lie to an adoring audience while acting in the cause of death and destruction. Indeed, now that a conservative government has been voted in, he is proposing “Direct Action” which condones assassination of elected officials. Make no mistake, if Gunter had been alive during the French Revolution, he would have been wheeling a guillotine about with Robespierre, if he had been a Cambodian in the 80’s, he would have been marching people to the killing fields.

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  1. Think back to the time when the LLL/MSM were in an uproar over the new Pope ‘s membership in Hitler Youth?
    I’ll bet that there will be an overwhelming silence over Gunter’s past.

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