Brussels Journal Under attack again

Paul Belien is a courageous man. In his shoes, I would surely emigrate to anywhere but an EU country. He has a wife and children, and is under constant attack from the ultra-leftists in charge of Belgium right now. His blog is now being accused of Racism, and the police have called on him. Paul is an outspoken opponent of unlimited immigration and multicultural sensitivities in Belgium and the EU. One of his frequent contributors is Fjordman, one of the most eloquent proponents of liberty and freedom you will ever read.

They have come after Paul once before on Racism, and have tried to bring him to court for home-schooling his children.

It’s similar to the complaint to the FBI by CAIR in this country against Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. The difference is that in the US the complainant identifies themselves, in Brussels they do not have to. So it could be the EU version of CAIR filing the complaint, or it could be a liberal in government, either way the complaint is anonymous.

Please help out by posting this far and wide folks.

UPDATE 06/12/09: Since this post Paul Belien has been shown to be the mouthpiece and stooge of the racialist party Vlaams Belang, and the charges of racism are likely true. I was part of the unmasking of this, if you search on “vlaams” or “the sound and the fury” in the sidebar, you will find my investigations. This, and other posts like it supporting Fjordman, Brussells Journal, and Gates of Vienna are ones I definitely regret, I am an older and wiser blogger now.

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  1. I told the officer that I refuse to justify my writings for anonymous complaints. “I am not living in the Soviet Union,” I told him

    Nor am I, Paul.
    I stand with you.

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