It’s Black Tuesday, tomorrow the Cyberjihad starts

This is from the Counter Terrorist blog:

Participants on key Arabic-language Al-Qaida chat forums on the Internet have announced their intent to launch collective cyberterrorist attacks tomorrow, August 10, aimed at interrupting or denying service to other pro-Israeli websites–namely the “Internet Haganah” cyberterror watchdog site run by Aaron Weisburd. When I asked him what he thought of the purported threat, Aaron expressed strong skepticism that these efforts would produce any noticeable disruption in access to his site. He replied, “They have a reasonable chance of slowing down the responsiveness of one domain of the ten associated with the Internet Haganah web site.”

More importantly, these would-be attacks represent part of a growing wave of similar defacement and denial of service attacks targeting various American bloggers and pro-Western websites.

I will remind everyone that today was Black Tuesday, Microsoft released 11 new patches. How does this apply to the above? To create a denial of service attack against a web host, it takes a lot of personal PC’s broadcasting against it. Those pc’s are gathered into a “bot-net” by herders, in this case Islamofascists — if you don’t patch you leave yourself open to becoming part of their bot-net, and part of the problem on the internet. If you have Gates Gear it’s always highly important to get patched as soon as the vulnerabilities are released because hackers are creating and delivering exploit code and virus’ in under a day from release of the security bulletins now.