Allah’s widow recruiting suicide bombers

From Adnikronos an article of things that might come on 8/22.  Afrouz Rajai was one of the hostage takers at the American Embassy in Iran, this is what she’s up to nowadays. 

An Iranian hardline Islamist journalist claims she has recruited 56,000 Iranians, a third of them women, to carry out suicide attacks against American, British and Israeli targets. Afrouz Rajai, who in 1979 was among a group of Iranian students who held 52 US diplomats hostage in the American embassy in Teheran for 444 days, also told Adnkronos International (AKI) that 35 of the would-be terrorists are “of the Jewish faith.”

The firebrand activist, dubbed “Allah’s widow,” by her detractors in Iran formed what she said was a “non governmental organisation” three years ago to recruit volunteers prepared to “carry out suicide actions against the United States, Britain, the Zionist entity (Israel) or any nation or person hostile to Muslims or the Islamic faith,” she said.

She also claims that some of those her organisation has trained have already carry out suicide attacks abroad, but didlnot provide details.

For good analysis of what we need to do to stop suicide bombers in the US, see this article at Counter Terrorism blog.