Sweeping Epidemic of Integrity Strikes Journalists Worldwide

Ok, so I am being sarcastic, and as Alisa Rosenbaum says, sarcasm is the weapon of the weak. It does appear that the NYT, CBS, and Reuters are not the only ones with integrity issues. See this from Pravda:

Freelance writer Bjoern Benkow said in a statement that the interviews, published in Norwegian and Swedish media, were partially concocted because of financial “desperation,” newspaper Verdens Gang reported.

The acknowledgment came after Microsoft Norway said last week that an interview with Gates, printed in the Norwegian magazine Mann and top-selling Swedish tabloid daily Aftonbladet, was “totally fake.”

Benkow claimed he spoke to Gates during a two-hour commercial flight in Europe, but Microsoft officials said Gates had not been on that plane

One other note — I like the photo slideshows at Pravda a lot more than those at Reuters, perhaps they should take a cue.