Wahabbist Smack Down

I came across this article in comments while surfing Metroblogging Islamabad, H/T to JayJay. If you ever need to lay the smack down on a Wahabbist in terms he will understand, this article’s great background.

Ibn Wahab’s initial devotees were largely Bedouins and he declared those who did not believe in his teachings as unbelievers. He told them: “It is halal (permissible) to kill and plunder Muslims who make mediators of the prophet and auliyas (Sufis) with a view to attain closeness to Allah.” The Bedouins used the verdict to justify the loot of Haj pilgrims. Ibn Wahab taught that it was sinful to build tombs over graves and said: “If I could I would demolish the Prophet’s shrine.” He did not believe that waqf foundations were Islamic and pronounced that salaries to Qazis were unlawful bribes. Ibn Wahab burnt original Sufi manuscripts including copies of the world famous Muslim prayer manual “Dalail ul Khairaat” by the 15th century Moroccan Sufi scholar Jazuli because along with salutations and blessings to the Prophet, its narrative included an eloquent portrait of the Prophet’s shrine. His followers plundered and desecrated the tomb of the Prophet’s  grandson Imam Hussain in Karbala.

3 thoughts on “Wahabbist Smack Down”

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  2. This is false propaganda. He did not say any of this! Learn from real sources not from cut outs!

  3. From your name I can perhaps tell why you call it false, but if you have something that refutes this please provide the link then.

    Judging from actions of professed Wahabbists who feel it’s Allah’s will that they blow up other muslims in marketplaces, I think there could be some grains of truth in “the cutout”.

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