Islamisation or Talibanisation, Masques or Mosques?

Today there was a suicide blast that killed 16 people at a rally for Chief Justice Iftikhar in Islamabad. This is a terrible thing to have happened, however it makes the extreme shariat goals clear to all.

It’s not just the frontier corps guards, or the border checkpoints the Taliban are attacking now. It’s not the just the army, or the economy in the form of fuel trucks and electric towers — it’s the moderates of Pakistan who have been attacked. Many lawyers and justice advocates were in attendance, and this should send a message to anyone in Pakistan that they must unify or face things they do not wish.

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Musharraf Sends More Troops

President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan has responded to the Taliban’s breaking of the peace accords Sunday with a call to send more troops to Pakistan’s lawless Northwest Frontier Province. The region has many Taliban and religious extremist supporters, and the attacks on Frontier Constabulary, Police, and Army forces has passedcreated more than 70 deaths  in a series of suicide bombings. Story at Daily Times

A high level meeting chaired by President Pervez Musharraf on Monday decided to deploy additional forces in NWFP and the tribal areas to combat a surge in militancy in the region, television news channels reported.