Pakistan Update

al-qaida-schism.jpgzawahiri-dajjal.jpgThe papers in Pakistan are carrying the Newsweek piece on the Al Qaida schism, which really goes back to this post last September.

The evidence  has become clearer: since the rumor in September Osama Bin Laden hasn’t been seen or heard from, and apart from the “shura council” Zawahiri has been calling all the shots, sometimes in the face of clear dissent from others.

I suspect there was a falling out– UBL is either dead, incapacitated by disease or drugs, or held prisoner. When I’ve said that in previous posts, I never remarked whose prisoner he is but it’s possible that he could be prisoner to the infamous Egyptian, Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri.

Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Naimatullah and two Uzbeks were killed in attacks in Balochistan, further proof of the schisms and internecine warfare for control between the terrorists. Even more evidence that the groups war amongst themselves is here, you reap what you sow is the fitting proverb for this I believe:

Taliban commanders continued investigations into an unsuccessful suicide-assassination attempt on Mullah Nazir Ahmed by a youngster from Bajaur, sources close to Mullah Nazir told Daily Times on Thursday. The youth, intercepted a week ago wearing an explosive-laden belt, told Taliban commanders Uzbek militant Saiful Asad sent him to “blow up Mullah Nazir,” sources said. “Two locals suspected of involvement in the plot have also been arrested and we are trying to extract maximum information from them,” sources quoted Taliban commanders as saying. The locals who were pinpointed by the alleged assassin “received the Bajaur resident from Jandola and brought him to Wana where he was guided for a few days before the attempt,” sources said. Taliban commanders continue to grill the Bajaur resident and two locals to find out who else was involved in the plot. “The Taliban commanders seem concerned and think it needs much deeper investigation than simply arresting a few people,” a local elder close to Mullah Nazir said.

It’s time all Pakistanis in the frontier woke up, your mullahs have been bought by the Bedouins — is it “Pakistan Zindabad!” Or “Zawahiri Akbar!” ??? 

Unrest continues in the Waziristans, there was a suicide bombing in Bannu that killed 9 yesterday, as well as an attack on another frontier post with rockets.

In the background of this, the Pakistan army is sitting back while the peace jirga is underway (but stalled,) patiently taking hits and awaiting their turn. The US has provided intelligence to Pakistan on 9 Taliban/Al Qaida training camps, and it remains to be seen if action will be taken.

Meanwhile, “Maulana” or “Earthquake” Radio has been shut down by PEMRA in AJK — this is one of the radical and illegal FM stations run by mullahs allied with TNSM who preach jihad for indulgences. They are also trying to incite violence against the Shia/Hazara, opening old wounds and trying to formulate more sectarian violence in the template that worked awhile for them in Iraq.

In Miranshah, the Taliban is instructing villagers to kill “looters disguised as Taliban” in further signs of falling out. This is natural, as thugs and bandits are drawn to insurrections like this to gain power and money, and they are always willingly taken. In turn when the leadership proves weak they run amuck. Regardless, the villagers know who the evil ones are, and many of them recognize that the evils ones are the ones willing to call anyone who stands in the way of their power “Takfir”. The Taliban’s grip on Miranshah is nearing an end. 

Quietly in the background, the authorities in the city continue to capture the wabbist terror leaders, as noted here and here.

There is also a great history of Al Qaida the Pakistani Frontiers in this editorial.