Musharraf and Bhutto: Pakistan United?

musharraf_pervez_pakistan.jpgbenazir-bhutto2.jpgIn an sweeping deal that enables great change and return to civilian rule President Musharraf and ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto have joined in a coalition of PPP and PML-Q parties, which combines the centrist groups of Pakistani politics.

The parties will work together to create an ammendment to the constitution that will allow Bhutto to serve a third term as Prime Minister, and from what Bhutto is saying, Musharraf will remove the Uniform as part of the deal.

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Ramchand Pakistani

nandita-das.jpgNandita Das, an Indian actress, will portray the mother of a Pakistani boy in the upcoming movie “Ramchand Pakistani.” Nandita is a great actress and is known for playing in controversial films, as this film promises to be, but it would have been better if they had picked a Pakistani actress for the part.

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