Jaish-e-Muhammed Leader Captured with 8 in Pakistan

The police have arrested eight terrorist suspects here with links to banned militant outfit Jaish-e-Muhammad and the Taliban, police said. The eight men are believed to have been behind an attack on a missionary school near Murree on August 5, 2002, killing six Pakistanis;

The great news keeps pouring in tonight: from Pakistan we hear of the capture of Safeer Ahmed, alias Muhammad Azeem, alias Umair in Lahore. JeM is AQ and Taliban aligned, and Safeer is (was)┬áskilled at making IED’s and EFP’s.

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Iranian Directed Hez’ballah Commander Captured in Iraq

This commander under orders from the Qods force (Jerusalam force,) in Iran was captured in Iraq. This commander has confessed to participation in the Karbala incident.

Video Below from CNN:

There is a lot of new detail this morning at Fox news.