Pelosi Pimping Subsidies

pelosi.jpgIn her latest bid to buy votes for democrats in the unpopular legislative branch, Nancy Pelosi is pimping more farm subsidies to the midwest, and ignoring her own constituents.

This editorial from SFGATE details the new farm-pork bill.

While farm incomes are soaring, thanks to boom times and high corn prices for ethanol producers, she is sticking with a set of market props born in an era of hard times.

Pelosi is billing her party’s farm bill as reform, but it’s hard to think she really believes that. The bill continues rich subsidies for a handful of major crops such as wheat, corn and soybeans. Aside from subsidies for cotton and rice, the package does little good for California, where high-value fruits and vegetables are grown without Washington’s largesse. President Bush on Wednesday said he may veto the bill if it lands on desk.