Let us be like a bird

the-bird-of-time-is-on-the.jpgLet us be like a bird for a moment perched
On a frail branch when he sings;
Though he feels it bend, yet he sings his song,
Knowing that he has wings.

— Victor Hugo

Bombing Harry Potter

Perhaps Al Qaeda and the Taliban are beginning to realize how similar they are to the Death-Eaters and other followers of he-who-must-not-be-named?

potterhallowsbook.jpgWorld-wide there is joy in muggledom as the new Harry Potter book has hit the stands, but in Karachi the release is being downplayed after a bomb was found near the store and defused.

Perhaps Al Qaeda and the Taliban are beginning to realize how similar they are to the Death-Eaters and other followers of he-who-must-not-be-named?

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Canadian TV Imam Calls For Jihad Against Jews

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A news report in the National Post revealed that the non-profit broadcaster aired an hour-long talk by Muslim preacher Israr Ahmad.

“Jihad in the way of Allah, for the cause of Allah, can be pursued either with your financial resources or your bodily strength when you go to fight the enemy in the battlefield,” urged Ahmad in the broadcast. “So jihad, the highest form, is fighting in the cause of Allah.”

Who is the enemy? All non-Muslims, but Jews in particular. According to the Post, Ahmad has in his books described the Holocaust as “divine punishment” and compared Jews to “parasites”.

Pakistan Update

Most of the victims were ordinary people who were waiting on a bus stop

Every paper has most of their column space dedicated to stories on the Chief Justice’s re-instatement (previous story here,) but terrorists are like rust — they don’t seem to sleep. In the hinterlands it’s still hell while everyone is in general jubilation over the verdict.

Yesterday there were two suicide bombings, and today there were two suicide bomb attacks in Hub and Cantt which claimed 45 or more lives. In Cantt, the bombing took place in an mosque during prayer sessions. In Hub the attack was with a remote controlled VBIED that killed many civilians and shopkeepers at the Gadani Bus Stop, but which security forces think was targetted at some Chinese engineers.

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Wahabbists in Bosnia: A Dangerous Trend

In a lengthy but lucid and fact-filled article ADN Kronos details the dark seed of Saudi-funded Wahabbism in Bosnia. It appears that the Wahabbists are moving to cow the moderate, (or “Takfir“to the Wahabbists,) Muslims in the region. If it’s not clear to you by now from the past articles here, Wahabbists will hunt other Muslims ahead of Kaffir because for Wahabbists the Caliphate is the goal, for that to come they must rule all other muslims first.

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Iran Shuts Down Another Newspaper

batebi_0.jpgIn the continuing wave of repression against Iranian youth, the authorities have shut down the student newspaper Sobh (The Morning.) Story at ADN Kronos

The Iranian authorities have ordered one of the newest independent student publications, Sobh to close down and its director Reza Namdari ordered to appear before magistrates on defamation charges, according to the Farsi language Advar News.

Namdari is accused of of having published false news and having slandered the authorities over an article in an in-depth article on 8 July on the detention of sixteen student leaders.

Italians Arrest Terror Imam From Morocco

Italian police arrested three Moroccans, including an Imam, who had terror training materials and videos in a Mosque on the outskirts of Rome

Italian police arrested three Moroccans, including an Imam, who had terror training materials and videos in a Mosque on the outskirts of Rome.

Police said the men, one an imam, had used a mosque on the outskirts of the town as a training camp for international terrorism.

Materials seized included instructions on how to fly a Boeing 747 “to get safely to conflict zones”.  Among the internet files were instructions on handling poisons and explosives.

“The investigations documented how the suspects … were undertaking a laborious and in-depth operation of instruction and training in the use of weapons and combat techniques suitable for terrorist acts,” the police said in a statement.

Story at Gulf News

Also police in London have arrested two men who had bottles believed to have contained industrial-grade Hydrogen Peroxide, used for jet pack fuel, or TATP explosive.

Terror Doctor’s Sim Found in Glasgow Jeep

mohmmed-haneef.jpgMuhammed Haneef, the Indian doctor detained in Australia after the Glasgow bombing is stating that he lent his cousin his sim card so he could take advantage of the extra minutes on his plan. The phone sim was found in the jeep 8 hours after the terror attack at Scotland’s Glasgow airport, and the attackers had two phones on them at the time of attack. The authorities are not buying the story, and will keep Muhammed Haneef in detention longer. 

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