Pakistan Update

The earlier articles detailed the Lal Masjid wrap-up so I will avoid that tonight, other than to point you to this lucid editorial. The editorial details the immediate concerns, and the politics, however it does miss an angle. Is it not Saudi cultural imperialism in the form of easy-to-gainĀ and hard-to-tame Deobandi madrassas and mosques that is driving at least some of this?

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Lal Masjid Final Update

Many of the women had been among the cleric’s most fervent supporters. Six of the children said they had been kept in the basement of the mosque but fled when their guards disappeared after commandos overran it, Arshad said.

The Lal Masjid cycle of steadily escalating violence is now over with the authorities in control of the mosque, the rebel cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi, and fifty militants dead. The militants range from a collection of hardline terrorists in groups like the outlawed TNSM and HIJ, to some who were brainwashed students. Continue reading “Lal Masjid Final Update”

Breaking: Red Mosque Closed, Rasheed dead

lal-masjid-overhead.jpgIt appears that Pakistani forces are storming the breaches at Lal Masjid now — this just across the wire from Breitbart:

Pakistani security forces began storming an Islamic seminary within a mosque in Islamabad on Tuesday, where militant Islamists have holed themselves up.

sura-9-tauba.jpg“An operation has been launched to get the Red Mosque evacuated. Commandoes have entered the mosque,” Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Wahid Arshad told reporters amidst series of explosions at the mosque.

There are believed to be some 1,000 people, including women and children, inside the mosque, stirring concern about the possibility of mass casualties.

Twenty-four people have so far been killed in the weeklong standoff between the militant religious students and security forces.

Please keep the children inside in your thoughts and prayers, earlier today Ghazi said that “fifteen suicide vests” had been passed out, and there are nine known and dangerous terrorists inside the mosque.

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