Seven Suicide Bombers Captured in Gilgit

Seven Suicide bombers intent on “assassinating important personages” were captured in Gilgit, a rough mountain valley town near the border of Afghanistan. Gilgit was also once rumored to be the hiding place of Osama Bin Laden.

From the Chitral Times:

Security forces claimed to have arrested seven suicide attackers by conducting a successful raid in Northern Areas District Ghazar and foiled their plot regarding targeting important personalities in Shundoor fair.Talking to Geo News, the security sources said that on the tip-off by the intelligence agencies, SSP Gilgit Rana Faisal guided a big operation in Ghazar areas with a large contingent of police, rangers and Elite Force.The police arrested the seven people belonging to Ghazar and recovered suicide-bombing jackets besides a cache of ammunitions and explosives.The security sources said these suicide attackers have been shifted to an unknown location and more arrests and discoveries are likely in the wake of interrogation

This could be Mehsud going after Sherpao again, or these could be from Hekmatyar who has been assassinating former allies and others lately, or it could be any of the various fractures and factions in the Taliban that are evident now.

Curfew in Islamabad; Lal Masjid Operation Imminent

Pakistan’s government has declared a curfew in residential areas around Islamabad’s Lal Masjid (red mosque) and that it will be launching an operation against the terrorists

lal-masjid-jaimsh-e-mohammed.jpgPakistan’s government has declared a curfew in residential areas around Islamabad’s Lal Masjid (red mosque) and that it will be launching an operation against the terrorists [Editor: most press agencies are calling them “militant students”, but they are dyed-in-the-wool terrorists  supporting extreme shariat, use of force, terror, and coercion against civilians. Suicide bombers, white headbands, Kalashnikovs, shooting police, kidnapping, burning shops… they are terrorists.]

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For God’s Sake

“Kuda Kay Liye” is a film that depicts the escalation of conflict, both philosophical and physical, between moderate Muslims and the extremists in Pakistan. Since the public sentiment is heartily against the extremists, they must try by force and coercion to stop this from being seen in Pakistan. This will not be a pro-Islamist/Jihadi film — it’s obvious from some of the trailers, but you get this one because I like the music:

The leader of the proto-Taliban mosque that is burning buildings and shooting police in Islamabad, Maulana Ghazi, has called for the film to be censored. This echoes his attempt to stop the magazine Octane, and the Mosque’s attempts to control all that Pakistanis see, hear, think, and feel. Who knows, perhaps this film was the spark that set the conflagration off? 

From Times of India:

“Kuda Kay Liye” (For God’s sake) is produced by Pakistani film producer Shoaib Mansoor. Its cast includes Lollywood’s top actor Shan and Shah. The film depicts intensification of conflict between fundamentalists and liberal Muslims in the post 9/11 scenario. The film is promoted by local TV channel Geo as part of its efforts to “revive cinema in Pakistan”, which is facing prospects of “collapse” due to lack of financial support and dwindling viewership leading to closure of theatres all over the country.

If the ummahzons and cane-wielding crows in Jamia Hafsa want to counter the film nobody is stopping them from producing their own.

MSM Swallows and Regurgitates Jihadi Swill – again

Pajamas Media has  a good piece on the most recent incident of the MSM printing Al Qaeda agitprop regarding decapitated bodies — if they need stories about decapitated bodies, they should work with a real reporter like Michael Yon. Modern reporters through a combination of laziness, political ideology, and sometimes cash are all too willing to sell the truth to the devil. 

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8 Dead, Police and Civilians, at Lal Masjid in Pakistan

Violence has broken out at Lal Masjid as government and Jaimsh-e-Mohammed forces exhange fire. 11 are reported dead between students and the police

lal-masjid-arsonists.gifUPDATE: Death toll raises to 20, 8 19;  students are burning government buildings with molotov cocktails. Police, people in markets and students have been shot, note that the Mosque leaders characterize the students shot as “righteous” – WRONGEOUS!

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Glasgow Terrorists are Al Qaida Recruits

Update: CBS and Hot Air reporting that Glasgow Terrorists were recruited by Abu Hamza of Al Qaida. Story here.

Update 7/3 09:20 US Central: Sky news reports that authorities state they’ve captured all “key figures” in the terror attacks. 

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