Television News Boycott

I’m on a television news boycott for awhile, maybe a couple weeks. Do you suppose they will stop leading with the child murderer, and the child murdered by then? I don’t want to be callous here, but it’s not news, it’s pure sensationalism. Yeah, I hope if he’s the killer he fries, but there’s too much else going on for journalists to waste so much bandwidth on one murder case so old.

It should grate on you as well, it’s sheer journalistic sloth, no thought, no research and nothing really new will go on as they track this case and broadcast with bated breath on courthouse steps.

We have breakthroughs in missile defense, we have urgent problems such as energy production, Darfur, Hezbollah, Iran, Social Security, terrorism, the coming elections, what’s new in the schools this year (most now won’t let kids bring backpacks to class anymore, at least now we won’t have to read articles about kids with back problems from toting textbooks.)

2 Replies to “Television News Boycott”

  1. Exactly Thanos. I can’t remember the last time I watched network news or even regular TV. I watch TV but it is the niche channels (History, Military, Discovery, etc.). I’m tired of the sensationalism of news, sports, celebrities. At least on the interweb I have the luxury of selecting MY news items instead of being told what “should” be news.

    Congrats on the crustacean status and the little tweeks to the site have really improved it.

  2. Thanks Aknot, I do hope you are doing well in Florida, better batten the hatches, a storm might be coming. (They seem to be irritating the meterologists a lot lately by tracking more westerly than they predict though.)
    I watch the military channel a lot as well, and straight news, occasionally a movie. I’m a political junkie if you haven’t figured that out already.

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