German Train Bomber Arrested in Lebanon

TROP.jpgThe man Germans police agencies are seeking in the failed train bombings in Germany was arrested in Lebanon today: 

Karlsruhe, 24 August (AKI) – A man suspected by German authorities of plotting to blow up passenger trains three weeks ago was arrested in Lebanon on Thursday. The federal prosecutor in Karlsruhe said Jihad Hamad, 20, of Lebanese origin, handed himself in to police in the port city of Tripoli. On Wednesday the German authorities issued an international arrest warrant for the man accusing him of membership of a terrorist group, attempted murder and attempting to cause an explotion. Another alleged train attacker, Lebanese student Youssef Mohammad, 21 was arrested in Kiel, Germany, last week.
The two supects were filmed by security cameras on 31 July at Cologne railway station. Police later found two explosive devices on separate trains – they had failed to go off because of a construction flaw.

I am guessing these two weren’t in the “Political Wing” of Hizb’Allah that German Leftists think Israel should be negotiating with.