A Terrorist is a Terrorist

All terrorists must die, and their causes will always be seen as unjust by most as long as terror is the method. The islamofascist enablers don’t see that, but it’s an essential truth. It doesn’t matter whether you are PKK or Hezbollah, if you think killing innocents is a way to further your cause you need to understand every death sets your cause back years. 


Terrorism is picking at scabs, inciting violence among classes, tribes, and sects just to distract you from the hard work of gaining real suport and allegiance behind your cause. It’s a sure sign of weakness and a clear indicator that you can’t win on the field of arms or the field of ideology. 

That’s why it’s good news that the US is not supporting a double standard. In a recent agreement with Turkey we are agreeing to them to hunting down PKK: cowardly, murdering thugs trying to futher the cause of marxism under the guise of Kurdish independence. See the full story at Counter Terrorism blog. Also see my earlier thoughts on this subject here, halfway through the update.

Most dramatically, Turkey has amassed a force along the border with Iraq that is reported to be 50,000 strong. It has been reported that “[h]undreds of tanks and military vehicles arrived in the southeastern town of Yuksekova in Hakkari province last week.” There are also reports of commando units being deployed near the border. This is a considerable troop buildup — even for Turkey, which boasts NATO’s second largest military.

It’s also a great sign that the average Kurd in Iraq is fine with the actions, a sign they understand the harm the PKK does to them.