Obama is Just an Ordinary Politician

Now that people are actually paying attention to who and what Obama is the glamour is fading, and the press cannot maintain it anymore. Underneath it all he’s just another ordinary politician. Ordinary in that he’s willing to lie to achieve power, ally with any ugly cause as long as it advances him, and then later throw it overboard (as you saw in the previous article here.)
In other words the Obama myth is just as fake as those styrofoam columns he used in Denver. If he’s willing to lie about every little thing just to get elected, what’s he going to lie about in office if elected?

3 thoughts on “Obama is Just an Ordinary Politician”

  1. I see I can add Sara Silverman to the list of Hollywood types acting silly. I just saw her clip on thegreatschlep.com. This is far from the worst (funniest?) but it still emphasizes the fact that Hollywood types should avoid political commentary or maybe just start their own “News” channel.

  2. WARNING: The video has explicit language.

    And I am doing fine, Sending my sister’s website in for final review and I have fired up AoC and just need to do some refresher training.

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