Blue Waves

A long time ago I read a science fiction story in which during a horrible moment a robotic or android butler said “It’s a pleasant day” … and when someone in the story countered it, the robot’s reply was “It’s always a pleasant day somewhere.”

That’s stuck with me ever since. No matter how bad things are, somewhere a mother is birthing her first child, two lovers are having their first kiss, the sun is shining bright right now somewhere above waves lapping against a perfect beach. No matter how bad it is where you are at this moment in time, it;s always is a pleasant day somewhere in this universe.

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The Party of Racism and the Party of Liberty

Bob Parks has put together the history of civil rights in America; one which you won’t see from the lamestream media. It’s pretty essential reading when you reference the recent survey that showed that one third of Democrat voters are still racist. Please stop by for a read. I’ve always been proud to be a member of the party of liberty and freedom, and I always will be.