Fred Thompson Says it Best: Why All Americans Should Vote McCain

Fred Thompson boils the key elements of this election down to essential principles so this is a must watch for everyone:

The Barack Market Dip

Back on the ninth I explained how we might be surprised by the current market conditions, but that the beancounters sure weren’t and that they were already factoring in the effects of Barack Obama tax hikes. There’s further validation of that here at US News and World Report. Also here’s Barack saying he really meant it when he said “Spread the Wealth”:

Thanks for the Warning Joe

In this clip you see what Joe Biden actually said in that meeting with donors where he warned about a Barack Obama presidency. Obama explained it as a “rhetorical flourish”, and the media’s not playing it so this is a must watch clip:

Do you really want a president that will invite such testing? Will your children be more secure, or less? Joe said he could name five possibilities, will the press ask him what he meant or which five? Don’t hold your breath.